¬†Here’s a quick look at this month’s most challenging project; a bespoke hydraulic power unit designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

In one of the most challenging projects of recent months, our client needed a bespoke power unit to deliver hydraulic power to their system.

What made this project particularly challenging however was that the system was more complex than most due to the application; it was going to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere (ATEX environment).

As well as being fit for an ATEX environment, the unit needed to supply hydraulic power to a gangway system to control Slew, Tele, Luff and float functions.

After several rounds of design iterations and consulting with our client to perfect the unit’s functionality, we finally settled on a design and commenced the local manufacturing of it.

Almost all of the unit was fabricated and manufactured right here at Hyserve in Team Valley.

It’s fair to say we ran into a few snags along the way, but as we always do, we maintained our calm and solved problems under pressure.

The solution we’re most proud of in this particular project is the implementation of numerous enabling ports on the system to allow the operator to control which input our HPU would receive.

Through this, we were able to overcome the challenge of integrating multiple operator control units to allow different systems to integrate correctly whilst maintaining overall system safety.

We’re happy to report our client’s initial feedback is very positive and they’re excited to get testing.

This will soon be installed on the south coast of the UK.

If you have an unusual or challenging hydraulics project, we’d love to take it on.

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